The official #Lub2Rock Adoption Option Adoption Jockeys and Barktenders!
Adoption Jockeys (AJ's) will help bring attention to animals up for adoption by tweeting about them during the #Lub2Rock Adoption Option event. Follow their tweets and learn about the animals that need forever homes.  When you see tweets from these anipals during their official AJ shifts we ask that you re-tweet (RT) them - help spread the word about the animals needing adoption!
                                                         Time (PDT)                  AJ
                                                          5-5:30PM            @MattieDog
                                                          5:30-6PM          @Yoda_the_Dog
                                                          6-6:30PM          @BrutustheDane
                                                          6:30-7PM            @MariodaCat

Barktenders welcome you to #Lub2Rock Adoption Option, assist by RT-ing adoption tweets, serve you delicious food and tasty drinks, and generally keep the pawty going! Make sure you follow their lead and ask them for assistance or some yummy-yummy eats - they are very friendly!
5-6PM PDT: @JustAnotherTrnd and 6-7PM PDT: @TinyPearlCat